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BOBRICK™ B-60 Large Capacity Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser

Bobrick Wall-Mounted Soap Dispenser with Extra-Large Capacity Model B-60

Soap dispenser with extra-large capacity, Bobrick model B-60.  Soap dispenser shall be constructed of translucent, high-impact  plastic and have oversized opening for top filling. Container shall  be equipped with corrosion-resistant, self-cleaning valve able to  dispense commercially marketed all-purpose hand soaps.  Extra-large capacity: 1.5-gal. (5.7-L).

  • Ideal for high volume applications such as health and sports club showers.
  • Corrosion-resistant valve dispenses commercially marketed all-purpose hand soaps.
  • Translucent high impact plastic container provides visible soap level and has oversized opening for quick top filling.
  • Capacity: 1.5-gal. (5.7-L).
  • Valve operates with less than 5 lb of force (22.2 N).
  1. Locate Model B-60 soap dispenser so the push button spout will be over a sink or lavatory. Allow 4" (100mm) minimum clearance between top of dispenser and bottom of any horizontal projection to provide enough space to conveniently fill soap container.
  2. Remove large cap from soap container.
  3. Align the soap dispenser vertically against wall.
  4. Mark the location of the three (3) mounting holes on the wall.
  5. Pre-drill three (3) mounting holes for #10 x 1-1/4'' (4 x32mm) screws furnished.
  6. Secure soap dispenser to wall with the three mounting screws. Rubber washer must be used inside soap container to seal top mounting.  For plaster or dry wall construction, provide concealed backing to comply with local building codes, then secure unit with screws furnished.  For other wall surfaces, provide fiber plugs or expansion shields for use with screws furnished, or provide 1/8" (3mm) toggle bolts or expansion bolts.
  7. Replace large cap.


  1. Unscrew large cap on top of container.
  2. Fill container with liquid or lotion soap, or synthetic detergent; 1-1/2 gal. (5.7-L) maximum. Do not fill above the full level line indicated on front of container.

    NOTE: All Bobrick liquid soap dispensers are designed to dispense commercially marketed all-purpose hand soaps including liquid and lotion soaps, synthetic detergents, and antibacterial soaps containing PCMX and/or Triclosan.  Bobrick soap dispensers are not designed to dispense alcohol-based hand sanitizers or iodine-based surgical soaps.
  3. Replace large cap.


  1. Hold the collar nut with the 1" (25mm) closed-end wrench.  Make sure the notch in the collar nut is facing toward the front of the dispenser and position nut behind soap valve hole inside dispenser.
  2. Screw new soap valve into collar nut, clockwise, until rear of valve face hits the front of the soap container.
  3. Push the soap valve into the rectangular recess in the face of the soap container with spout facing downward.
  4. Tighten collar nut with wrench until tight enough so that valve will not leak around seal at front of unit.
  5. Install soap dispenser on wall bracket.

Note: 4112-79 is not retrofitable into units manufactured prior to 1/2010. Must install on units with notched soap valve hole

Part Name Part No.
Soap Container 60-8
Valve Assembly 60-10
Large Cap 60-35
Nut 116-5

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