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Foam Soap Dispensers

Foam soap dispensers are new to the domestic and public restrooms.  Only in the last few years have foam soap dispensers been found in domestic and public restrooms.

  • Pump Foam Soap Dispenser
    (manual push button type)

  • Foam Soap Dispensers

    Foam soap dispensers work by combining air and special foam soap.  The soap is a liquid until it is pumped through the pump.  Air and foam liquid soap is pushed through a specially designed valve that mixes the foam liquid soap with air to produce a foaming soap. 

    There are two types foam dispensers, automatic and pump.  The automatic foam soap dispenser require a power source, usually batteries.  To avoid having to replace batteries, a manual foaming soap dispenser will provide foam any time without a power source.

    Common chamber types for the foam dispenser are Bag-in-Box and refillable.  Bag-in-Box dispensers require the cartridge to be replaced.  Refillable chambers can be refilled with any generic foam soap avoiding contracts.  Foam soap is sold at local janitorial supply distributors or online.




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