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Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser

An automatic foam soap dispenser will dispense foam soap in measured quantities.

Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser
by Palmer Fixture Company 


Palmer Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser SF305


  • Surface Mounted
  • Come in three colors;
    Black, Dark (transparent smoke), and Blue Ice
  • Matt finish reduces figure marks
  • All colors have a site window to view liquid level
  • 1200 mL refills
  • High capacity refill reduces labor & reduces waste
  • Sensor technology provides RELIABLE touchfree dispensing
  • Battery life of 45,000 uses or one year
  • Pre-measured dispensing saves soap
  • Modern design enhances any facility
  • Hygienic-fresh valve with every refill
  • Touchless application helps reduce cross contamination
  • Over 3,000/2,500 hand washes per refill
    (when using the 1200/1100 ml bags)
  • LED light for low battery
  • High Impact ABS Plastic
  • Vandal Resistant Key Lock
  • 3 year warranty
  • Mounts to wall with screws and anchors or double-sided tape
  • Hardware pack includes, key , screws, anchors, and tape
  • Battery requirements: Six "AA" alkaline batteries
  • Helps reduce 50% per hand wash with the perfect portion of high concentrated soap
  • One of the GREENEST systems available with a controlled delivery, reduced packaging, long battery life, biodegradable, and more hand washes per refill

SaniSuds foam soap refills for the Palmer Fixture automatic foam soap dispenser.



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