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BOBRICK™ Soap Dispenser

G.A. Bobrick conceived the idea of the first liquid soap dispenser and was awarded a U.S. Patent for it in 1908. In the years that followed, many other Bobrick soap dispenser models were developed. Greater awareness of proper sanitary standards in public washrooms, plus a rapidly growing construction industry, contributed to the increasing success and acceptance of the soap dispenser idea. By the 1920’s, Bobrick had sold some 250,000 soap dispensers throughout the United States, and the Company’s two-page catalog listed a dozen models. In the decades that followed, Bobrick made tremendous strides developing three complete lines of washroom accessories and soap dispenser.

BOBRICK™ Soap Dispenser in the Restroom

Bobrick Soap Dispensers are designed to dispense a wide variety of commercially marketed all-purpose hand soaps. Using a Bobrick soap dispenser allows significant savings over proprietary products. All Bobrick soap dispensers meet high quality control standards through rigorous testing, every soap dispenser meets a minimum 1 million cycles without part failure. Bobrick's improved valve design is more robust and operates more reliably than any competitor's products. Design choices in surface mounted and recessed soap dispensers available for all budgets and installations.

  • All Bobrick soap dispensers feature a corrosion-resistant valve
  • Every Bobrick soap dispenser complies with barrier-free ADA accessibility guidelines
  • Push-button pump measures same amount each time!
  • Easy filling through the top lid (optional locking lid).
  • Installs in minutes (optional screw installation provided).
  • Each soap dispenser can store, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, or you favorite liquid.



BOBRICK™ Lavatory-Mounted Soap Dispenser

  • Top-filling design for easy maintenance savings
  • Vandal-resistant locking cover and turning spout
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Bright-polished 4" (100mm) spout and cover
  • Impact-resistant ABS body and polyethylene container

The Bobrick lavatory-mounted soap dispenser is a perfect choice for dispensing soaps and lotions.  The bobrick soap dispenser is a reliable way to dispense soap while conveniently hiding the container below the counter.


BOBRICK™ Classic Series™ Powdered Soap Dispenser

  • Surface Mounted Soap Dispenser
  • Agitator spring prevents soap buildup
  • Satin Stainless Steel Finish
  • Concealed wall fastening

The Bobrick Classic Series soap dispenser has a classic  architectural design.  Dispensing mechanism with stainless steel lever dispenses any free- flowing powdered soap.  Agitator spring prevents soap build-up.  Top opens with special key provided.


BOBRICK™ Liquid Mate® Soap Dispenser

  • Corrosion-resistant valve
  • Beige ABS mounting bracket
  • Translucent polyethylene container
  • Visible soap level

The Bobrick Liguid Mate soap dispenser is a clean and fresh addition where ever you need it.  The white and beige finish matches most restrooms.



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