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Counter Top Soap Dispenser

A counter top soap dispenser will provide a clean look to the sink area in a large capacity soap dispenser.  This means saving and convenience as well as a clean look.  A counter top soap dispenser can be place so that the spout is over the sink bowl.  If the soap drips while using the dispenser the extra soap will fall into the sink and not on the counter.  Some counter top dispensers have a large reservoir to hold more soap so the dispenser does have to be filled often in high traffic restrooms.


Lavatory Mounted Soap Dispenser 

  • ADA Compliant
  • Manual Pump Type Valve
  • Manufactured with Stainless Steel Piston and Spout
  • 4-3/4" Shank Length
  • Liquid Soap
  • Available in:
    • 16oz capacity plastic soap container
    • 32oz capacity plastic soap container
    • 16oz Stainless Steel soap container
  • Models 6322, 6324, and 6326
  • 2-1/2", 4" and 6" Spouts
  • BradEX



Frequency® Lavatory Mounted Soap Dispenser

  • Lavatory-Mounted 6334
  • Manual Pump-Type Valve
  • 3-1/2" Spout
  • ADA Compliant
  • PLUNGER AND FLANGE ASSEMBLIES: heavy chrome-plated brass.
  • SHANK: molded ABS plastic.
  • PUMP ASSEMBLY: molded clear ABS plastic.
  • VALVE COMPONENTS: Celcon, Buna-N rubber or stainless steel.
  • SOAP BOTTLE: translucent polyethylene. 16 oz. capacity.
  • BradEX®



Lavatory Mounted Sensored Soap Dispenser

  • ADA Compliant
  • 5½" Spout
  • Reliable Infrared Activation and Metering
  • Spout is Chrome Finish over Plastic
  • Low battery & low soap refill LED light indicators
  • Battery powered (4 "D" size batteries not included)
  • Soap cartridge (ordered separately) not included.
  • 1,000(24oz) or 2,000(54oz) soap cartridges
  • BradEX®




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