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AVIVA™ Soap Dispenser

The AVIVA™ soap dispenser is surface mounted and is one of the most beautiful soap dispensers manufactured by Better Living Products.  Modern sleek elliptical shapes blend to create graceful European styling that is perfect for the inspired designs to enhance bath, shower vanity and sink applications.

The AVIVA™ dispenser is available with a single, double or triple chamber.  The chrome finish stands out in any setting giving a clean appearance.  This wall mounted soap dispenser is  manufactured by Better Living Products.  Easy to install and easy to fill.  These dispensers come with everything needed to quickly install the dispenser.  Also, comes with amenity labels.

The AVIVA™ shower dispenser line was launched in 2001 and the design was created by a known industrial designer, Gad Shaanan.  The design was inspired by Better Living Product's quest to continuously improve the already successful lines of Classic and Clear Choice dispensers, and to offer the customer a more fashionable and modern look featuring translucent bottles.  The AVIVA™ form is timeless, with the design still being very popular both in Europe and North America almost a decade later dispensing soap.

AVIVA™ Soap Dispenser in the Shower

AVIVA BrochureAVIVA™ engineering delivers quality to perform perfectly.  Manufactured with a two year warranty and a lifetime warranty on the pump(s), the AVIVA™ shower dispenser is built to last.  The AVIVA™ dispensers' simple design, casual elegance and time saving convenience precedes it's innovative product design and features from the leader in this category.  In the shower the AVIVA™ shampoo dispenser can hold soap, shampoo, conditioner, gel, body wash or most any of your favorite liquids.  The dispenser comes in three basic models with one, two or three chambers.  Label the chambers with the appropriate amenities, labels included with the dispenser.  Once installed, liquid is poured into the top of the dispenser by opening the lid.  The AVIVA™ shampoo dispenser can be purchased with an optional locking lid.  The locking lids secure the contents within the bottles.  This can be beneficial in schools, hotels, resorts or in the home.

  • See the level through the translucent containers .
  • Convenient  hooks help eliminate shower bottle clutter.
  • Push-button pump measures same amount each time!
  • Easy filling through the top lid (optional locking lid).
  • Installs in minutes (optional screw installation provided).
  • Each chamber holds 10 oz. of soap, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, or you favorite liquid.
  • Aviva Dispenser I (comes in White, Chrome and Satin)
  • Aviva Dispenser II (comes in White and Chrome)
  • Aviva Dispenser III (comes in White and Chrome)




AVIVA™ Soap Dispenser Chrome

  • AVIVA I Chrome 76140
  • AVIVA II Chrome 76245
  • AVIVA III Chrome 76345

The chrome AVIVA™ dispenser is an elegant and bright additions to the sink are, shower, and kitchen.  Available in a single double and triple chamber units for dispensing soap or other liquids.


AVIVA™ Soap Dispenser White
  • AVIVA I White 76150
  • AVIVA II White 76255
  • AVIVA III White 76355

The white AVIVA™ dispenser is a clean and fresh addition where ever you need it.  The white finish will hide water spots and finger prints.  Available with a single double, or triple chamber(s) for dispensing shampoo, soap, and other liquids.



AVIVA™ Soap Dispenser Satin

  • AVIVA I Satin 76130

The satin AVIVA™ dispenser is only available  with a single chamber for dispensing soaps and lotions.  AVIVA shower dispenser works to dispense shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and gels.  AVIVA™ can dispenser most liquids used in the shower or sink area.

The AVIVA™ shower dispenser is perfect for the shower.  Here are two more products specifically designed to save space and eliminate shower clutter.  Both products incorporate the translucent chambers , top fill lid, easy installation, and a life warranty on the pump.
  • AVIVA™ Corner Trio™
  • AVIVA™ Dispenser Plus Shower Basket


AVIVA™ Shower Dispenser

Corner Trio

Dispenser Plus
Shower Basket

Corner Trio Brochure

AVIVA Brochure


AVIVA™ Soap Dispenser Chrome

AVIVA™ I (76140) AVIVA™ II (76245) AVIVA™ III (76345)
AVIVA™ Soap Dispenser White
AVIVA™ I (76150) AVIVA™ II (76255) AVIVA™ III (76355)
AVIVA™ Soap Dispenser Satin
AVIVA™ I (76130)    



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