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Liquid Soap Dispenser

A liquid soap dispenser is uniquely different from a powder soap dispenser because of the type of soap.  Although both are used for dispensing hand soap, powdered soap is granular and must be dispensed 100% by gravity.  Dispensers purchased at your local store usually use a siphon, where the pump pulls soap from the chamber and pushes it out the spout.  Some liquid soap dispensers dispense soap by gravity but most use gravity and a pump.  The pump can be manual or automatic.  Most liquid soap dispensers have the soap chamber in the same unit as the pump, however, there are a few that have one large chamber that supplies several pump dispensers.

Types of Hand Soap

  • Liquid Soap
  • Foaming Soap
  • Powdered Soap

A foam soap dispenser in similar to a liquid soap dispenser.  Both types use a liquid product that flows through a pump dispensing hand soap.  The foam soap dispenser uses a foam soap that is combined with air in the pump to product foam.  Typically a foaming soap is needs to make the foam soap dispenser work.  However, Bradley Corp. does make a valve for most of their manual pump dispensers that can foam regular soap as soap is pumped from the dispenser.

A hand soap dispenser provides a way to reduce consumption because the amount dispensed each time is the regulated.  Hand soap dispensers offer a way to dispense more than just soap.  Liquid dispensers can be used to dispense gels, hand sanitizers, locations, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.

Today liquid soap dispensers are available in wall mounted, lavatory mounted and counter top models.  They can be automatic or manual pump.  Any of these types of dispensers eliminate bar soap from the counter and provide a cost effective way to dispense soap.

Liquid soap comes in different packaging.  Bulk containers like gallon bottles or bag-in-box are commonly used for these liquids because of volume pricing and convenience.  In some cases, bag-in-box container may be required to meet health care standards.

Manufactured of metal or plastic, most liquid soap dispensers are durable.  Dispensers that need to be replaced often are not suited for the service they are being used for.  look for a suitable replacement the next time the dispenser is replaced.  Most plastic soap dispensers are made from PCV, a tough hard-wearing synthetic resin material that comes from polyvinyl chloride.  Stainless steel dispensers are usually made from 304 stainless which will provide a durable finish and long lasting dispenser.



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