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Soap Dispenser

Automatic Countertop Soap Dispensers Wall Mounted Soap Dispensers Countertop or Wall Mounted Clean Shape Soap Dispenser Pumps

Automatic Soap Dispenser
(battery or a/c power)

Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser Soap Dispenser Pump
(manual push type)

Soap dispenser form and function will decide the application.  A soap dispenser used in the shower can serve both form and function.  The basic soap dispenser is often used in public bathrooms, fitness centers, salons, resorts, hospitals, and doctors offices.  Many more dispensers are being installed in homes, schools and offices to promote better hygiene. 

The modern bathroom soap dispenser is elegant and practical.  Form is not spared for function.  Chambers are sized for traffic volume.  Material types considerations are for esthetics, finish, and durability.

A soap dispenser will be automatic or manual.  Both types will work in most applications.  However, a wall mounted automatic soap dispenser will not work in the shower with one exception.  It could be possible to mount an automatic  countertop dispenser and conceal the electronics from water.  A manual dispenser will work for years in all most any application and requires no electrical source and can be used in wet conditions.

A soap dispenser is mounted in the countertop, recessed or surface mounted.

  • Countertop
  • Surface Mounted

  • Recessed

  • Soap for a soap dispenser has two basic forms.  Most widely used form of soap is liquid soap and the most common soap dispenser is a liquid soap dispenser.  Found in restaurants, hotel, commercial buildings, schools, business, and in the home, a liquid soap dispenser is easily refillable.  For more cleaning power use powder soap and powder soap dispensers.  Used in manufacturing, schools, and in commercial facilities where washing grime from your hands is more common, a dispenser using powdered soap can be more economical.  Widely popular is the foam soap dispenser.  Foam soap dispensers seam to be preferred because of the way the soap dispensed and cleans hands well.

  • Foam Soap Dispenser
  • Liquid Soap Dispenser

  • Powdered Soap Dispenser

  • There are five chamber types available.

    • Bulk - usually large capacity chambers

    • Cartridge "Bag-in-Box" - specific to a particular vendor or manufacturer

    • Globe - favored  in schools and office buildings

    • Tank - common for many years and specified by architects world wide

    • Urn Soap Dispensers - unique retro style dispenser

    Doctors, surgeons, hospitals, and veterinarian clinics use a surgical foot operated soap dispensers or a surgical soap dispenser in their office to eliminate germs and bacteria transfer when medical professionals wash their hands.  Operated by your foot instead of your hands this soap dispenser foot pedal for scrub sink has a distinct advantage because the dispenser is not touched by the hands that are being cleaned.

    Reservoir size or capacity is another feature.  Size of the reservoir varies with each dispenser.  Too small and you will have to fill the dispenser several times a day or week.  Too large and the product in the dispenser could go bad.

    • Reservoir Size and Capacity

    Most soap dispenser manufacturers use  metal or plastic during construction.  A soap disperser made from stainless steel provides a clean appearance and a rugged finish that is less likely to show figure prints.  ABS plastic used in soap dispensers provide an economical way to dispense soap.  This type of plastic is durable and suitable for most applications.

    • Stainless Steel Soap Dispensers

    • ABS Plastic Soap Dispensers

    According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), washing your hand with soap and water is one way to promote good hygiene and prevent the spread of diseases.  Making sure there is soap available is the job of the soap dispenser.

    There are two ways you can lengthen the life of a soap dispenser.

    • Soap Dispenser Replacement Parts

    • Proper Maintenance of Soap Dispensers

    There are several soap dispenser manufacturers.



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